Client: Ecobin (Spain)

Year: 2018

Works: idea, industrial design, mechanical design, 3D CAD modelling, visualisation, prototyping, design for manufacture

Zaha litter bin is a dedication to the great architect Zaha Hadid. All products by Mike Wite (Mikhail Belyaev) are available in PDF catalog (15 Mb).

Ecobin is a brand of ecological litter bins made of Krion. 

All works are fully made by Mike Wite in less than two months: the brand and product idea, naming, logotype, industrial design of all items, modeling, visualisation, copywriting, catalog. 

About Krion

Litter bins made of an acrylic solid surface called, Krion K-Life, with a patented function of cleaning the air of harmful compounds. KRION® K-LIFE Porcelanosa Solid Surface is a non-porous and homogeneous surfacing material, composed two-thirds of natural minerals and a low percentage of High-resistance. The new technology used (ECO ACTIVE SOLID TECHNOLOGY®) allows the material to have photocatalytic properties throughout its mass. Eco-Active with the following new properties: Air purification, Anti-bacteria, Self-cleaning and Elimination of chemical products.