Client: SDI Gifts (Hong Kong)

Year: 2015

Works: idea, industrial design, prototyping, design for manufacture

Umbrellas have many different handles. Some are comfortable while others are not. Their main purpose is to allow the umbrella to be held by hand. Impulse F.O.R. is the first healthy umbrella ever with a combination of an aesthetic, ergonomic handle and a carpal expander for strength training of the forearm muscles and the wrists, hands and fingers.

People spend a lot of time sitting in front of a PC and using a mouse. Strength training is needed in order to avoid joint diseases in the fingers and hands during old age. Impulse F.O.R. accomplishes this.

You won’t leave your Impulse F.O.R. at home or in the office because it protects you from the rain as well while you are strength training your wrists and hands. Moreover, it has been known by doctors for some time that stimulation of the fingers and palm is helpful for your brain and nervous system. From now on, a rainy day can make you stronger and smarter too.