2x3 Shelf on iSaloni 2015 in Milan.

It was amaizing week!

Master Knife F.O.R. is a winner of A'Design Award in Milan, Italy.

Nature inspired design

Natural beauty and function.

Design gifts joy

Ladia for Samsung Staron during St. Petersburg Design Week 2013

Regular things with new meanings

Ocean USB Flash Drive F.O.R. by Mikhail Belyaev

All kinds of design — industrial design, product design, interior design, environmental and social design, etc
need a special experience and knowledge what aesthetic and functional message should be brought to people and how it could be produced and manufactured with a minimal difficulties and maximum profit for everyone. Every design discipline has its own features and tricks. However there exists well-defined methods that are common to the most design disciplines. In addition, methods can be mutually. It is a real magic when you can combine and weave different methods of different design and life fields in a process of a searching of the best project solution. Do you believe in magic? I do. I am trying to find it in every moment and detail.

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